Homeowners Insurance

Insure private homes and outbuildings, including fixtures and fittings, against loss or damage caused by:

-    Fire, lightning and explosion
-    Storm, wind, water, hail or snow
-    Earthquake
-    Bursting of water tanks or pipes
-    Burglary or theft
-    Malicious damage
-    Subsidence or  landslip

Extended basic cover included when loss or damage was caused by an insured event:

-    Debris removal
-    Rent (if your home is not fit to live in)
-    Extinguishing charges
-    Mirrors and certain glass
-    Professional fees and demolition costs
-    Public supply or mains connections
-    Loss of water (caused by leaking pipes)
-    Removal of fallen trees
-    Tracing of leaks
-    Special alterations
-    Cover before property transfer
-    Damage by wild baboons or wild monkeys

Underwriters Of Policies

  • Santam
  • Hollard
  • Centriq

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