No Claim Bonus

This is a bonus that you receive as a percentage discount on your premium after a year with no claims.  It is also referred to as claim free group.

If you do claim, you lose your no claim bonus and your premium increases. This usually occurs on the renewal date of the policy, but can be effective the month after the date of loss.

Home and Car Insurance

Insure your assets against damage, loss and liabilities on a Short Term Insurance policy with South Africa's leading Insurance Companies.

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Bond Insurance

Bond Protection Plan to cover your home loan or monthly installments in the event of death, disability, illness, injury or retrenchment.

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Life Insurance

Gone are the days of complicated life insurance product offerings and irrelevant policy elements. Buy Life Insurance online or over the phone.

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Medical Aid

How do you choose the correct medical aid scheme to look after you and your family when you need it most? This is not an easy task...

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