Receive a lumpsum payout of up to R2 million upon the diagnoses of a cancer stage 1-4.

Cancer Insure understands the fear and uncertainty that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

Comprehensive cancer insurance cover for safety-conscious individuals seeking peace of mind.

Cancer Insure is underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART), a registered Long-Term Insurer.

Key Features and Benefits


We provide coverage for all types of cancer (stage 1-4), subject to our terms and conditions.

Benefit Amount

Between R100,000 to R2,000,000.

Simple Application

No medical underwriting or exams required. Just answer five qualifying questions to determine eligibility.


People between the ages of 18 and 55 who have never had cancer and whose immediate family members have not been diagnosed with cancer before the age of 60.

Financial Protection & Pay-out

If you are diagnosed with cancer (stage 1-4) and your claim is approved, you will receive 100% of your benefit amount. This money can be used to pay for medical expenses, treatment costs, and unexpected expenses while you recover.

Child Cancer Benefit

If your dependent child (ages 0-18) is diagnosed with cancer (stage 1-4), you will receive 10% of your benefit amount for their care.

Waiting Periods

6-month waiting period from the start of your policy.

Premium Increase

6% each year on your policy anniversary.

Terms & Conditions

Minimum entry age   18 next birthday
Maximum entry age   55 next birthday
Expiry age   Whole of Life
Benefit Amount   Between R100,000 to R2,000,000

Qualifying Questions


Qualifying Answers

1. Have you ever had any of the following:
Raised or abnormal PSA test?
Any form of cancer or malignant growth or tumours?
Any pre-cancerous, pre-malignant or borderline
malignant growths or tumours?
Abnormal mammogram?
Melanoma, Sarcoma, Fibroma?
2. Do you currently have any:
Skin lesions or any mole/s, that show changes
(such as bleeding, growing bigger, change in color,
are itching or painful, etc.) or that you would like or
were advised, to have investigated? N.B. skin injuries
such as cuts and scrapes can be ignored.
3. Do you currently have or had:
Ulcerative colitis, Crohns disease,
Human papilloma virus (HPV),
Familial adenomatous polyposis,
Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN),
Hepatitis B or C, Barrett’s Oesophagitis, HIV?
4. Have 2 or more of your direct relatives
(father, mother or siblings) had cancer under age 60?
5. In the next 6 months do you have, plan or intend to:

(Note: Consultations for relatively minor conditions,
such as colds and flu, sinusitis, muscular injuries,
pregnancy follow-ups, dentistry, etc. may be ignored):

Medical advice for any conditions or concerns.
Any medical consultations.
Any investigations, tests, or follow-ups.
Are you awaiting any results(e.g. scans, x-rays,
growths or lumps or moles being investigated etc.)?

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