Complete your Will & Testament online for FREE.

Everybody needs a Will and we are happy to say that with DigiWill it is easier and more convenient to create a Will than ever before.

A Will is an important document, yet millions of South Africans do not have a Will, or their Wills are outdated. It may feel like a complicated, expensive, and time-consuming process but DigiWill solves these problems by providing a FREE, EASY and PROFESSIONAL means of creating your Will.

DigiWill is a Free web-based platform for South Africans to create a digital Will easily and conveniently for Free. DigiWill has been put together by Legal experts, the platform educates you and guides you through the process of creating a legally binding Will.

How does it work? – All you need to do is go to the website and create an account, once you have created your login and verified your password you have access to the platform to create your Will for free.

DigiWill offers 3 exceptional services to clients who complete their Will on the DigiWill platform.

1) Professional Executor services.

DigiWill provides a professional executor service for winding up estates. DigiWill offers a 15% discount on Executor fees. DigiWill also verifies all Wills completed and returned to DigiWill. Your Will is safely secured and replaced when updated.

2) DigiProtect estate Administration costs

DigiWill has created an accurate calculator to illustrate to South Africans the realistic costs of dying.  The calculator breaks down the administration costs of winding up your estate. The calculator determines the amount of liquidity needed in the estate to ensure the testator has enough cash to cover the costs of winding up their estate.  

3) DigiProtect Estate insurance.

DigiWill offers an exceptional product to resolve the issue of not having enough liquidity in the estate to cover the costs of dying.  This insurance product is backed by OMART and offers a pay out to beneficiaries which contribute towards the administration costs of your estate. Your beneficiaries can inherit their assets, as assets do not have to be sold to cover the costs of winding up the Estate.

Do your FREE Will now!

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