(a)  This section covers the insured against:

  • death or
  • permanent disablement

Up to 3 persons can be insured under the Personal Accident Section, the insured, his/her spouse and one dependent (ie. child).

(b)  Scale of benefits:

  • In the event of death the full amount can be claimed.
  • With total paralysis, or total disablement from ever following the usual occupation or any other occupation for which the insured person is fitted by knowledge or training, or permanent disablement on account of the insured person being permanently bedridden, 100% of the sum insured for will be granted.
  • With the loss of limbs which does not lead to one of the abovementioned, different percentages of the sum insured will be calculated.
  • With the loss of an eye or loss by physical separation at or above the wrist/ankle of one/more limbs, 100% of the sum insured will be granted.

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