PLIP is extended Personal Legal Liability which covers you for:

  • Loss/damage due to an accident at your home, with your car, at your place of work or on your boat.
  • Loss/damage resulting from contracts.
  • Financial losses due to incorrect financial advice.
  • Libel suits.
  • Wrongful arrest and/or imprisonment.
  • Liability resulting from the possession or use of firearms.
  • Liability resulting from animals in your care – not only cats & dogs (ie. when your pet monkey bites the child of an acquaintance).
  • Disturbance suits.
  • Gradual pollution.

Extras that PLIP offers you:

  • It offers worldwide cover.
  • All members of your family who normally live with you are covered by PLIP.
  • Domestic workers on your premises are also covered, for example when a gardener hurts himself falling from a ladder.

How much does PLIP cost:

  • R10 a month for cover of R10 000 000.
  • Or R15 a month for cover of R20 000 000.
  • Once you’ve paid your first premium, you immediately enjoy FULL cover!

Here’s a few examples of PLIP claims:

  • You arrive home to discover your house has been burgled.  You raise the alarm and your armed response security company is on the scene within minutes.  In the ensuing chaos, your neighbour is accidentally shot and wounded.  Your contract with the security company states that you are legally liable for the shooting.  Suddenly, you’re faced with a claim of millions of rands.  You take the case to court and lose – YOU have to pay!
  • You’re showing your friend your new handgun when it accidentally discharges and he is crippled for life.
  • You have an accident with your car and your passenger is paralyzed.
  • Financial advice given to a friend in a personal capacity results in losses.

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